About FRC

FRC is the FIRST Robotics Competition. FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) is a program that was founded by Dean Kamen, inventor and entrepreneur, to spread the word about science and technology and get students excited about participating in STEM-related programs.

FRC is the high school division of FIRST. In FRC, teams of students build robots and bring them to compete at various competitions. These robots are fully designed, programmed, and built by students! FRC is the “Sport for the Mind,” where students can come together in an exciting competition using their brains, not their brawn. Through this process, members of FRC teams have great opportunities to learn how and collaborate with others, receive guidance from experienced engineers, use sophisticated equipment, and have a ton of fun!

Not only do students in the FRC program get the opportunity to learn in high school, they have the opportunity to access post-secondary scholarships totalling as much as 19 million dollars! These scholarships are not only for those who wish to pursue an engineering career; roughly 35% of FIRST scholarships can be used towards any field of study.

In the end, FRC encourages students to do their best at everything they can and to simply have fun. FIRST is for everyone; that is, everyone who wants to have an amazing experience and a chance to grow.